Features of Alluminium Bronze Casting

  • Siphon Impellers
  • Marine Propellers
  • Valves
  • Marine Designing
  • Petrol
  • Oil & Compound Businesses.

The organization is the excellent Manufacturer and Supplier of Aluminium Bronze Castings. Produced utilizing high evaluation metals, these Aluminium Bronze Castings are thoroughly tried on different boundaries to guarantee premium quality. These Aluminium Bronze Castings are fabricated utilizing high evaluation crude materials in consistency with global quality principles. AB2 has remarkable protection from ocean water straightforwardly because of the slight film of aluminium oxide on the outside surface making the Aluminium Bronze Castings especially appropriate for the seaward and marine industry and Defence equipments.

Advantages of using Aluminum Casting

Aluminium bronze offers the highest strength of all the copper-based alloys – with similar physical properties to mild steel. Most notably, it has exceptional alkali resistance. This is because aluminium in the alloy reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to form a thin, yet tough, surface layer of aluminium oxide. The aluminium oxide acts as a barrier to corrosion.

For this reason, aluminium bronze is widely used in marine and offshore environments in propellers, underwater fastenings, valves and pumps. Indeed, many ships’ propellers are made using this material.

Grades Of Aluminium Bronze Castings

    • Aluminium Bronze Castings have a broad scope of employment and characterizations like AB1 and AB2. Commonplace uses for AB1 are selector forks and switches.
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