Types of Alloy Steel Casting

  • Tool steel
  • EN series steel
  • Micro alloyed steel
  • Advanced high-strength steel
  • High-strength low alloy steel

Alloy steel casting is the process that helps in improving the mechanical properties by alloying various elements together. Alloy steel is of two types high-alloy steel and low-alloy steel, but mostly the industries use low-alloy steels.

Common alloys present in alloy steel casting are silicon, boron, chromium, nickel, and vanadium.

Properties of Alloy Steel

Alloy steel casting has a lot of elements that enhance the other properties of materials like corrosion resistance and mechanical thermal. When the elements are added in low quantities i.e., less than 5wt% it improves the mechanical properties, while, adding up to 20wt.% helps to increase the corrosion resistance and stability. 


The application of alloy steel casting is broad due to various types of steel. Low alloy steel castings are used in industries with extreme strength, cost-effectiveness, machinability, and availability. It is mostly found in construction equipment, Railways, ships, military vehicles, pressure vessels oil drilling platforms, and structural components.

Grades of Alloy Steel Casting

EN8, EN8, EN19, EN31

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