Uses of Aluminum Alloy Casting

  • light weight
  • excellent corrosion and wear resistance
  • high thermal and electrical conductivity
  • non-sparking benefits
  • great Alkali resistance

Bhagwati Metal Industries offer aluminum castings. It is an ideal way for manufacturing different aluminum products which are used in different industries rigorously. We use top-notch aluminum raw material that implements molding methodologies. These are available in various shapes, sizes, grades, dimensions, and specifications according to the customer’s requirements.

As we know the automotive industry is one the largest aluminum casting market. Half of the cast products of aluminum are used in manufacturing cars. In the nineteenth century, the pistons and transmission housings aluminum were used in trucks and cars. Gradually, parts of hand tools, small appliances, lawnmowers, and other machines were produced from aluminum. They were of different shapes and sizes.  

Thus, as you know aluminum casting is much needed by most of the electronic and mechanical industry, we offer you the best quality aluminum casting. It lasts long and it is sturdy. At Bhagwati Metal Industries, you will get the best quality product and our professionals can also guide you with their best advice for customization purposes. 

Aluminum Casting process

  • Heating aluminum at a high temperature in the furnace till it melts
  • Then, the molten aluminum is poured into the mold to give the desired shape at high pressure.
  • Leave it for cooling and solidifying
  • Breaking out from the mold.
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